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I have been growing out my natural hair texture since 1999.  I learned online how to transition from my relaxer, how to style my hair, and what products work well for many and their own natural hair.  I grew it out successfully but I don't feel I've given much thought to what the next step should be with my hair: care and styling.  My natural hair texture has been through hell and back atleast twice and is finally headed in the right direction.  I made lots of mistakes with my natural hair, but that was all apart of the learning process of learning that not all advice was good for my own natural hair.  I thought that natural hair was natural hair!  But natural hair is different from person to person.  I learned this after 2 years of being natural.

After learning that my hair won't be the same as that of Holly Robinson Peete, I sought info online for people with my texture and their haircare regimen but had no luck.  I also didn't know anyone personally with my texture of hair grown out past 1". So I went through some fazes... some good, some bad!  I was finally successful in 2003 to find many websites where I learned of online picture albums and journals that message board members would share with others.  2003, my 4th year with my natural texture, was really the year I knew how to take care of my hair.  I really began to understand the purpose of having natural hair and don't try to go against it anymore.  || More on styles

Natural hair is one thing, but 1) to take care of it and 2) make it look good is another.  You can have natural hair that you damage with heat styling, or you can have healthy natural hair that has natural sheen and smoothness that damaged natural hair does not possess.  I had to learn that to have the best natural hair it has to be healthy.  Growing out my natural texture was not the battle (because hair grows on its own); it was learning to take care of my hair, regardless of what texture it was.  I realize I hadn't done that in the past and needed to learn now, natural or not natural, in order to truly enjoy my hair.  || More on what I learned about my 4b texture

Whether you're a transitioner, natural newbie, non-4b texture, long or straight haired woman or man, I hope that through this website you will find something helpful to take with you.

8-21-04: I've made the decision to move my site elsewhere.  Tripod has made my site very undesirable to me with all of their unnecessary advertising.  Their service is free anyway, so it's all good.  I need to have my site moved before the end of Sept.  I have been updating, just not uploading so you can't see any of my changes.  I will provide a link to the new site when I get it.  Peace!

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