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My Hair Journey

1999 This was the year I began to grow out my natural hair by transitioning with braids.  I wore braids for the majority of this year.  I frequented message boards to gain advice from other natural haired women on how to grow out my hair naturally.

2000 This year I began styling my natural hair in twists and wearing it out with a headband.  I continued my transitioning with pressing my natural and relaxed hair.

2001 I began to experiment with getting my hair styled by others.

2002 I learned from mistakes and looked for ways to better care for my hair.  Growing out hair damaged from excessive pressing.

2003 I learned of new styles, found online journals, and more nappy hair websites to gain more info from, and joined more hair-related message boards. I gained a lot of knowledge on how to keep my hair healthy so I can realize great lengths in my hair.

2004 A new year!









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