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My Hair Stages

My hair, like other women's hair, has gone through quite a few stages and counting.  Most were under the control and discretion of my parents, but currently I've been in control since I started working for my own money. 


bob w/bangs

bangs to the side


My hair was relaxed for over half of my hair life.  I must have started from 7-9yrs. old.  My mom would sometimes relax my hair at home, but my regular routine would be to go to Tina's (our hair stylist for years) every two weeks to have our hur did.  She always did a great job.  She would relax our (my sis & mom) hair, wash our hair (my favorite part), condition it, put it up in rollers, or press & curl it (rare cause I hated that).  The only thing I hated about this experience was that it took a hell of a long time.  We'd ofcourse have an appointment, but we'd sometimes wait 20-30min to be seen.  If we were late, that would be a good 1 hour wait. All in all, have our McDonalds, Soul Train, and Saturday Afternoon Movies (*thumbs down*) to get us through the day.  

 In middle school I loved bangs.  I would put one roller on a patch of hair on top of my head and call it a "bang".  My hair was so thin though, so I found my "bangs" always standing up, like I was in shock.  My friends would always tell me "your bangs are up" and I'd simply comb them down over my face.  Now I just had hair in front of my face, but I didn't care, they were "bangs".

In H.S. my sister & I absolutely loved going to the salon.  We absolutely needed to once we felt the slightest appearance of naps under our hair.  I remember begging our mom to take us as soon as she could!  When we did, I'd find myself literally holding my hair with my hands to keep my style from blowing out of place.  I'd be lucky if the style kept for church the next day.

"Bob" with bangs: As simple as this style looks, it took me a good 2 hours to get my ends to curl inwards and my bangs to curl and sway off to the side with my curling iron!  After all that time spent, my hair looks so "simple".

Here I am wearing a head band with the ends of my hair wrapped over the bottom of it and tucked inside.  I did this because my ends were stubborn and would not stay curled inwards with my curling iron.

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individuals, straight

individuals, curly/wavy

1-layer cornrows

cornrows w/ponytail

I started wearing braids in middle school.  My mom wanted to experiment with them and I ended up wearing those experiments to school.  They were... um... different.  Yes.  So different that some didn't want to stay on my head during class.  I was lucky once and had one braid slide off my head and straight into my backpack.  Whew!  

Going into H.S., I started getting my hair professionally braided but still going for the cheap deals.  We've been lucky with braiders.  We once had this one lady come visit us with her two daughters to braid mine and my sister's hair for very low prices.  I was very grateful to her.  She gave us, for the most part, the styles that we really wanted.  We could use any hair color, and tell her any size to braid the hair in.  If it was too small or too big, it was okay, she could fix that.  She was so good to us!  

I've been wearing braids on and off, maybe once to twice a year, up through college.  I love going to get it professionally braided once in a while (over $100) but I can't afford it all the time.

I still love braids, but getting a good price depends on who you know.  For the most part, professionally done individuals will cost you from $120-$150.  I'd like to go back to the bradery I usually go to, but the good ones keep leaving!  Other than that, it's on with my natural styles!

black medium individuals: I still loved getting these done.  These cost $120--I thought the quality was definitely worth it.  I think you can see how even each individual braid is.

crinkly burgudny braids: Whenever my individuals were getting old, I would make the style look fresh by changing it up a bit.  Now I know yall know this trick, right... I'd bunch my individuals into big, tight braids and dip each of them in boiling hot water (with baby oil or hair oil added for high shine).  

brown individuals curled at the ends: I think I used small rollers at the ends of my braids, dipped them in hot water, and got big, bouncy curls... that I hated.  But I made it work :)

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twists, small

twists, large



ponytails, slicked back

ponytails, air-dried straight



flat twists

2-layer flat twists

flat twist-out

This is the state my hair is in and the state I style it in.  As you may already know, I've been growing my hair out naturally for the past... counting... wow, 4 years!  It happened by accident though, funny story really...  I believe it was those burgundy braids that I was wearing when I discovered what kind of hair I really have.  It's really paid off and I've probably only started to get the hang of maintaining my natural hair a year or so ago.  AND I'm still learning.  I'm just very pleased with all that I've done with my natural hair at it's different lengths, and all that I've done to grow it is keep it healthy.

Small Twist-Out: I had small twists in my hair for a week or two, untwisted them, and that's it.  This must have been over 2 years being natural, probably 4-5" of grown out natural hair.

Pressed bone straight: I must have been just over a year with natural hair.  

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