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My ultimate Hair Inspiration is... Myself.  

Long Hair Goal--flat twistout
Long Hair Fantasy--ponytail
What I hope my hair looks like by 2006!

I think the one thing that inspires me to stick with my natural hair texture is looking at what it may look like in the future.  There are a lot of sistahs out there who know how to rock their natural hair, but would their style go with me?  We'd have to have the same face shape, skin complextion, and texture pattern if there hair style and hair color was to look the same on me!  So I decided to show myself what I would look like if I left my hair to grow out... lol, and the results are amazing :)  I found it really fun creating these pictures and have an "idea" of how my hair may look.  I thought I'd share these with all of you as well :)


Want to be your own Hair Inspiration?

I can help!  Just for coming to this website and viewing this page, you can send me one picture of yourself to digitally alter.  Make sure your picture has enough room to stretch the hair out... for example, if you have mid-back length hair and you want it waist-lenght, your pic should be of your back, from head to waist.  

Email it to sweety-b@myself.com and I should take about 2 weeks to send it back to you.  Name your picture after your email address; for example, if I was sending myself a pic, the name of the pic would be "sweety-b_myself.com.jpg"  This is so that I know who I'm sending this pic back to.  Nothing is asked for in return because I'm no professional here!




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