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My Hair Regimen

W a s h

I wash my hair atleast once a week, whether or not I have a style in it.  For my hair to wash well, I must part my hair into sections; I secure them with hair holders.  I wash my hair in the shower, but prefer to wash it under the sink with an attachment because it's considerably faster and saves water as well.  But when roomies think that's "unhygienic", I resort to my shower.  With medium-hot water wash each section at a time with a moisturizing shampoo, rub the scalp, and rinse while combing out with my wide tooth comb. 

* I have just recently started attempting to incorporate the "no poo" method into my washing.  I will let water flow through my hair first.  Then I get a handfull of conditioner and rub it on my twists (this is when I prefer to use this method) and squeeze it in.  The second wash I will concentrate on my scalp and use the pads of my fingers to scrub it.


C o n d i t i o n e r

After rinsing out shampoo from my hair, I slap on my moisturizing conditioner onto each section.  By this time the hair is not as fluffy and I may just braid it down instead of clamping.  I do this to each section, cover my hair with a plastic cap, shower, then rinse each section out with close to cold water.  If I didn't comb out the sections earlier, I'll do so now under running water.  I leave my hair dripping when I come out of the shower; products take well when my hair is clean and wet.  

Rinses: I use these for when I'm washing my hair with shampoo, or don't want to spend time with a deep conditioner.  I look for moisturizing ingredients when I'm choosing what type to buy.  They can't contain Alcohol or any other drying agent in the first few ingredients listed, or at all, because it will dry my hair.  

Deep Conditioners: I love these the most because they add moisture and body to my hair.  When I say body, I mean that they really soften my hair and give it life.  I will scoop up atleast a tablespoon's worth of deep conditioner to apply to each of my sections.  I made sure that the sections of hair are well coated.  I can leave this in anywhere from 15 minutes to the next day.  I prefer to sleep with deep conditioner in my hair overnight when I have some time the next morning for styling (I usually style at night); I'll wear a plastic cap with a few holes poked in the top for ventilation, and wrap a piece of cloth or scarf around the edge of the cap to prevent liquid from dripping onto me or my pillow. Another thing I would like to try is to sit under a bonnet dryer with deep conditioner in my hair for 30 min or so. That should help penetrate the hair shaft with the deep conditioner.


R i n s e

When I can, I like to rinse out my hair with distilled water or an Apple Cider Vinegar mix to wash out the conditioner.
The ACV mix lays my hair cuticles flat and makes my hair feel silky.


C o n d i t i o n i n g / M o i s t u r i z i n g / S t y l i n g

I have successfully found products that work well with my hair!  Although that doesn't mean no more spending, I have noticeably spent less on hair products, which is how it's supposed to be.  Being natural, for many, means saving money that would be spent at the salon.  But the reality is that we spend that same amount on hair products and accessories because we essentially become our own stylist.  Saving money happens when you're replacing products, not buying new ones.  That's where I find myself now.

Leave-In Conditioning Creams: So far this is my favorite type of moisturizer.  I use thick cream moisturizers on wet or dry hair. This softens my hair and thickens it, depending on how much is used. I love using creams in my hair before I style it as well; it seems to smooth down the hair and give it sheen. I recently started rubbing cream on my ends before I wrap up my hair for bed; I read that this protects your ends from splitting. During the Winter I rub it every morning throughout my hair, concentrating on my ends.

6-11-2004: I currently stay away from creme moisturizers because I feel they are too thick in my hair. Maybe because this is summertime, I'll see about it next winter.  I still use them to rub on my ends though.

Leave-In Conditioner Lotions: I'm still not too sure what this does for my hair or when to use it, but I have it "just in case". Sometimes I'll rub it throughout rinsed hair before applying my moisturizers. But I really don't know how much they help.

Leave-In Sprays: I'll spray soaking wet hair before adding my moisturizer in belief that it strengthens my hair.

3-24-2004: I use moisturizing leave-in sprays now that coat my strands for easy manipulation and styling.

Pomade: I use pomades to smooth down flyaways. I only use those with healthy ingredients in it that contain no Petrolatum or Mineral oil.

3-24-2004: I currently do not use pomades because they don't work with my hair.

Gels: I have been experimenting with what gels work for me and I have found a few to be okay. The ones I use are not flaky and are somewhat moisturizing, like Aloe Vera Gel. I like to use them when my hair is dry, or to set a wet style by smoothing it over my hair, but not rubbing it in like it's some kind of lotion. I only use my gels to help my hair lay down. I'm still experimenting with them, trying to find the best one for my hair.




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