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Hair Journals

  • Blackgirl*s Nappy Journey: Blakgirl thouroghly covers her transision to ponytail-length natural hair.  She has lots of pictures of the styles she's tried over the years.  She made me product-hungry because I wanted her hair!  Her journal really inspired me to create my own.

  • MotownGrl's Hair Diary: She should rename her site to "Online Natural Hair Starters Kit."  She covers a variety of areas regarding natural hair.  She focuses on the "how to" aspect of natural hair and continues to expand her website to cover even more topics, such as beauty.  She has medium-length hair.
  • Nokio's Hair Journey: She seems to be really updating her album and expanding it to cover how she does her hairstyles.  She has medium-length natural hair, possibly type 4b.
  • acjazz28's Natural Hair Journey: She has lots of pics of her transitioning and short hair styles.  She is so creative with the styles she does.  She has short natural hair.
  • Amaka's Online Hair Album: She does a great job with her hair and her daughter's hair.  Please check out her daughter's page, her hair looks so healthy and goregeous, and the styles are very cute!  Both their hair type is clearly 4a/b.  She (Amaka) is transitioning.

  • Aldrea: She has some amazing skills when it comes to hair styling and documents it for all to see with very clear pictures.  Lots of hair styles to check out at her site!  She appears to have medium-lenght 3b/c hair.

Hair Picture Albums

  •  Maestradiva: She has lots of pics of her past shoulder-lenght natural hair.
  • Stormrisingnow: she has a full head of 3c hair which she styles nicely.



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