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The summer of '99, age 18, was when I started growing out my hair naturally.  I did so unknowningly, actually.  I had heard that it's best to get your braids done on your new growth rather than on your relaxed hair because the new growth is stronger and will be less likely to break.  So that's what I did.  I had my braids done twice by the time summer came and I had noticible new growth.  Now, after catching a thread about Natural hair on Blackvoices.com I was hooked and never got another relaxer again.  Some of those relaxer stories scared the heck out of me!  Ultimately, I wanted what was best for my hair.  I wanted my hair to grow!  I was tired of having my hair break everytime it reached ponytail length, and tired of waking up to stray hairs spread over my pillow.  I started taking the advice of these wise ladies and started clearing out my medicine cabinet to fill it up with good products for natural hair, such as Wild Growth Hair Oil, Infusium 23 Leave-In Conditioner and things.  I really started investing in the well being of my hair.

My transition was to continue to wear braids until I was comfortable with wearing my own hair out.  And when I was ready, I would press my natural hair to blend in with my relaxed hair.  

Personal journal excerpt:

"I finally am learning how to keep my hair naturally managable.  I learned through the Internet, mostly through Blackvoices.com.  The posters helped me a lot.  They told me which products to buy, how to manage the hair, etc.  I got my burgundy braids out finally, that's why.  Well, I ran into a few errors with those Suave Shampoos--It put so many knots in my hair I spent two hours cutting them out.  I'm still mad because I could have had 2 inches or more hair than I do now if my hair didn't tangle up.  But I went back & I got Creme of Nature, Lustrasilk, Nexus, and some other good products which really helped my hair.  Just applied my Infusim Leave-In spray and it worked like a charm. "


Personal journal entry:

"My hair has been straight since Wednesday when I hot combed it, and my mom still believes my natural hair will break, and I will need Wave Nouveau to manage the hair.  I've seen and witnessed the results on my own poor sister, and frankly the stuff ain't worth it.  [Sister] would be sooo much happier if she could grow out her natural hair.  This [her age] is the stage where she can wear the cutest hair styles, and that can be done with her beautiful Natural hair.  I hope that at least b/4 next summer she will give me a chance at [sister's] hair, because surely by then I'll have experience with dealing with her natural hair.  I know she'll love it."




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