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Personal Journal Excerpt:

"Amazing.  Today I wore my hair in tiny twists all around my head.  I curled it, and wore it to school today and I got rave reviews, mad comments--complements--left and right.  Even [crush] complemented me:)  I was afraid it wouldn't be accepted (until a lot of people start doing it), but it was.  I got a comment from some latino girl saying it was nice and natural, and that it's better than wearing thick braids [Jamaican braid extensions].  Well, I liked all the complements.  Made me feel good for just being myself :) "

I remember this day so vividly.  I remember feeling completely empowered over my hair and wanting to step foot outside of my house with my hair in a natural doo, yet so nervous the moment I stepped foot outside of my house.  Every foot I walked from my door to the bus stop I felt serious butterflies in my stomach!  I was wearing something strange on my head, something I had never seen anyone else wear, and I was just anticipating the looks and stares I would get, maybe even negative reactions.  Usually, people don't try new things until a lot of people start doing it, like a trend!  But nooo, I just had to do my own thang.  My hair was making a new statement that day whether I was ready for it or not.  By the end of the day, I felt that God had come into my life for just that one day--I swear!  He came when I was feeling self doubt about myself.  He planted these people, most of whom I had never seen or spoken to before, in my life that day to send me love when it was needed.  He knows I don't talk a lot, He knows I rarely meet new people.  But all of a sudden on this day, people are talking to me... about my hair!  All I wanted was to be accepted for who I was, for what I wanted my hair to be.  And I felt accepted by the end of the day.  So I thank God for always being there when we really need Him and I thank Him for the open-minded and accepting people of this world.

Sporting braids.

Still rockin' the braids.  

I got some real hot burgundy individuals, very well done (Braids By Sabrina).  These will forever be known as my "break-up" braids.  My purpose on this day was to look super hot to break up with this short-term looser I had been seeing... but wasn't seeing me ;)  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.




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