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ponypuff--side view

This is a very simple and convenient style that is easy to do.  

What you need: wide tooth comb, your favorite hair moisturizer, satin scarf, gel (if it works well for your hair) or pomade, boar brush, plastic bristled brush.

Good for: medium to long hair

 Rub your moisturizer throughout your hair before combing.  

Use your wide-tooth comb to gently comb out your wet hair starting at the nape of your neck.  As you make progress, clamp the section that has already been combed so as to not loose its form.  Remember that your combing your hair in the direction you want the puff to be.  Take your brush and smooth down the combed section.   If you're having trouble holding down the hair at the top, use boby pins or those long silver clams to hold it down.

 Take your plastic bristled brush to pull all the hair to the center of your pony puff.  Know that if you use this type of brush over your hair, your hair will be flatter and your waves stretched out.  If you have longer hair or just aren't looking for this effect, use your boar brush to pat the hair down and bring all hair to where your pony puff will be.  This will make your waves more defined.  Secure your puff with a scrunchie or Goody hair band.

Rub your gel or pomade over the hair and brush again to smooth it in.

 Tie your satin scarf or wrap cap over your head and let airdry.  I do not know what the outcome will be if you sit under a hooded dryer, but you try it and it works for you, great!  When done, you should have a head of waves.  If you see no waves, your curl pattern may not be healthy, or your scarf interupted the waves (moving around).  The sheen will depend on what products you used in your hair.

ponypuff--top view


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