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Main > Hair Styles > Flat Twists

[Click here for a closeup of the flat twists]

I do this style for the purpose of doing a flat twistout the next day.

What you need: comb to part hair, hair moisturizer(s), braid/twist gel (optional).

Good for: all types of hair.  

 Comb and section off your hair in the way you want your flat twists to go. If you are doing 1-layer cornrows, part hair from your hairline down to the nape of your neck. Section off enough for your 1st twist.  If you're doing 2-layer flat twists, it may help to section off the 2 layers and tye down the layer you're not working with.  Make each part as thin or as wide as you want your flat twists to be.  Of the part that you are starting with, cut out two pieces of hair, "piece1," "piece2", and hold in your left and right hands.


 To Start your Flat Twist (first movement):

  • RightHand (1)- Took piece2 and pulled it counterclockwise over piece1;  piece2 should be turning itself clockwise when doing this.  Use a free finger to grab piece1.

  • LeftHand (2)- Grabbed piece2.


  To Continue (for all other movements):

  •  RightHand (1)- While holding piece1 in hand, cut out a new piece to add to it to piece1.  Again, pull piece1 counterclockwise over piece2 tightly to stay close to scalp; new piece1 should be turning itself clockwise when doing this.  Use a free finger to grab piece2.

  • LeftHand (2)- Grabbed piece1.


 To finish (to end your flat twist):

  • Twist excess hair with your fingers like you would for 2-stranded twists.






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